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Roof Remodeling

Roof Remodeling in Pittsburgh

We know how important it is to you the way your roof looks; it’s one of the first things you notice in a house. We consider your plan and vision and we make sure to deliver the best functional, durable and beautiful roof with high-quality materials.


We will handle the inspection using our drones, we take advantage of the technology to provide an accurate look and prevent missing something that could affect the project. Also, an inner examination of your roof is important, we’ll be taking a look from the attic, it is necessary to detect stains that can indicate roof leaks.


We will answer your questions and doubts and we’ll protect your roof project from going the wrong way. 


We know appearance is important but safety must go hand in hand with this, we will do the best to assure you the desired look making it safe for you and your family. 

What’s the cost of remodeling a roof?

We know there are a lot of companies and a lot of range of prices, but it depends on the size of your roof, the look you desire, type of roof, and keeping in mind if there has been any previous damage. Geser LLC will give you the best price possible for the work you need done; also it comes with a discount, check our homepage for it.