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Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection in Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

An inspection should be made before starting any project, we use drones to inspect effectively, safely, and quickly; we also take a look from the inside so we don’t miss a thing and everything can go as it should. 

The exterior inspection includes: checking for leaks, ice dams, condition of the tiles, condition of soffits, fascias and guttering, chimney damage, structural damage such as sagging or leaning, and signs of rotting.


On the other hand, the interior inspection may include: examination of the insulation, ventilation, signs of mold or rotting, leaks, moisture and condensation.


We take everyone’s safety seriously. Even if your roof is a new construction or an already existing building we will inspect it as every other roof, this way we avoid any surprises that may delay the project.


Geser LLC in Pittsburgh offers accurate roof inspections. Doesn’t matter the size or type of roof, we’ll take care of it and give you a full report of it without leaving anything behind; this way we can work on your project and take the needed measures if there’s any problem.

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Why do I need a roof inspection?

Weather is the main answer. Even though spring is the ideal time to schedule for a roof inspection in your home, any time is the right time if you wanna do something with your roof. Climate conditions are constantly changing, and cold weather often causes damages to the exterior structures, due to the ice dams, strong winds, storms and heavy rains.


The sooner we discover any sign of damage the faster we can deal with it, and it won’t be a safety issue in the future.

Give us a call, don’t let your roof surprise you.

Make sure your roof is not past warranty, do a roof check in advance. We have the experience to deal with all types of roofing and fulfill the requirements of our clients. Once the work is done we will deliver a full report that will be describe all the findings in the inspection.

Contact us to schedule an Inspection in Pittsburgh or surrounding.